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Through the completion of this project, the participants will be certified as Beyond Melbourne Ambassadors (BMA’s) and through a peer-based approach, they will contribute to increasing international student participation in similar programs whilst furthering cultural explorations throughout Victoria’s regions.

For International Students/Domestic Students

The BMAP is designed to

  • Improve employability through practicing leadership, communication, creativity and collaboration 


  • Expand your network through making friends with multicultural backgrounds


  • Explore iconic regional victorian destinations through outdoor activities that promote adventure and cultural exploration.

  • Boost your confidence

  • Maximize your study experience in Victoria

  • Be a future leader 

For Education Partners

The BMAP is designed to

  • Provide a standout flagship program for international students’ welfare.

  • Expand the education beyond campus to the wider regions of Victoria. 

  • Improve your profile and reputation through supporting your international students

  • Maximize your international students’ study experience.

  • Improve students’ employability 

  • Foster Beyond Melbourne Ambassadors through completing leadership projects

  • A peer-based approach to engaging with more international students and also their visiting friends and relatives to participate in similar programs

Grampians National Park
Cape Otway
Philip Island

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"Stand out from the crowd" workshop night + Cultural Exploration Planning Workshops 

3 days/2 nights Cultural Exploration

Post presentation pitch to potential employers

Beyond Melbourne Ambassadors Project Awards Ceremony

2019 Nov/ 2019 Nov

2020 Feb/2020 Mar

2019 Nov/ 2019 Dec

2020 Feb/2020 Mar

2019 Nov/ 2019 Dec

2020 Feb/2020 Mar

2020 May

Apply Online

Launch Event/ Networking night

Assess applicants

Student-led Interviews

Send offers

2019 Aug-Sep

2019 Sep

2019 Sep

2019 Sep-Oct

2019 Oct

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