​Application Requirements

​Current Student

You are required to be a current student in State of Victoria (Tertiary and Higher Education only)

Time commitment

You are required to attend 1 workshop, 1 cultural exploration and 1 certification and awards ceremony to get the ambassador certificate.

Commitment Fee

The successful applicants will receive massive subsidy from OutBeyond and our sponsors. Participants only need to pay a small amount of commitment fee. 

Register as a student participant 

Are you suffering from no local network and friends?

Do you feel lonely from time to time?

Do you want to break the language barrier?

Do you wish to boost your confidence and key employability skills?

Do you want to travel around regional victoria in an authentic Australian way?

Do you want to maximize your study experience beyond the campus and beyond


If your answer is "Yes", then you should... 

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Register As a BMAP Partner

BMAP Corporate partners and sponsors can utilise this program as a flagship program to boost their involvement in international students' welfare and wellbeing initiatives, expand International student network and reach throughout Victoria's education sector and contribute to social enterprise and regional Victorian communities through edutourism. 

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