BMAP Interview questionnaire 
5. How long have you been studying in Melbourne?

About Beyond Melbourne Ambassadors Project:

9. Have you traveled beyond Melbourne city to visit or stay in any of the below locations in Regional Victoria?
If no, would you like to travel to the above regional locations and stay for 2 nights, experience local culture, activities and adventures in Victoria for free?
10. Would you like to show the beautiful places in Victoria that you have visited your friends or family members?
11. Are your friends or family planning a visit to see you in the next 12 months?
13. You have read about the BMAP project, what are you most looking forward to about participating in the program? (select as many as apply to you)
15. What does your University/TAFE/college do for you in terms of weekend tours or tours to the regions of Victoria? Do they offer trips to iconic places in Victoria that you are aware of?
16. If your university offered you a free trip to the locations mentioned earlier in this questionnaire for 2-3 nights, where you could experience these amazing places with your classmates and make new friends, and develop leadership skills, have fun and participate in a team-building adventure with fun outdoor activities such as surfing, rock climbing, indigenous culture… …... Would you say yes?
17. If that same university helped you to develop your knowledge of Victoria’s iconic tourism regions and the activities on offer, as well as helped you to become a qualified Tour Guide, would you spend your spare time (like on weekends) taking more International students to these places and showing them a good time?

About your future career

20. Do you currently have a job? If yes, what kind of job?
21. If you were to complete a tour(s) with our company, and you learnt about the local communities and activities and tourism opportunities for visitors (and became a certified tour guide), would you want a paid job to help more students, and your family members visit these great locations to share experiences with them?

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